The first open-source Big Data Application platform

Would you spend thousands of man-days building a Big Data Platform that requires years of experience and senior staff ? We wouldn't, and this is why we built BigConnect.

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Manage unstructured data in BigConnect

Find out how to build, query and analyze a Big Data repository around your unstructured data: documents, images, presentations, spreadsheets, videos, audio files and more.


TinkerPop integration

BigConnect has now official support for Apache TinkerPop 3.4.0. Graph traversals and updates are currently working, GraphComputer to come.


Approximating data aggregations using stochastic streaming algorithms

A new approach for approximate aggregations for huge data volumes based on stochastic streaming algorithms.


The Data Model (Ontology)

Learn the basics of using the BigConnect data model: entities, relationships and properties and how to map your data to the model.


Enriching data with BigConnect

BigConnect uses a complex pipeline to enrich the data stored in the system: Named Entity Extraction on text, Object detection, Machine Learning, OCR, Speech2Text, custom plugins