BigConnect is available in two flavors


Best suited for desktop use, individuals and small organizations that want to test-drive BigConnect features.

  • Single node
  • Web Console
  • Enterprise Search
  • Cypher queries
  • Database, CSV & Excel ingestion
  • Open-source plugins for Text Analytics (only English),
  • 100% Open Source

This edition does not include any guarantee, support or benefits. We strongly advise you to use it only for testing, development and test-driving BigConnect features. Keep in mind that it's possible to run into bugs and data consistency issues.

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Designed for large-scale deployments, scalability, data security and enterprise-grade features.

  • Large Hadoop & Spark clusters
  • Distributed query execution
  • Field-level security, LDAP support
  • Spark processing, analytics & ML
  • Enterprise plugins for professional Text Analytics, Facial Recognition, Speech-to-Text, OCR and more
  • ETL plugins for Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Pentaho
  • Cloud deployments
  • Professional support

This edition is not available for download. Please contact our sales department.