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With the uptick in high-profile data breaches, organizations are working hard to protect themselves against advanced intruders who identify and exploit complex vulnerabilities in your systems. A typical organization will have hunderds of Linux, Windows and other servers as well as hundreds of work stations. Everything is connected to everything else across many physical and virtual networks and sub-nets.

Solutions designed to guard against complex attacks generate an overwhelming number of alerts, requiring a large workforce to triage a a lot of false positives. These solutions don't solve the fundamental problems of security hygiene, which is, at its core, a data problem. BigConnect helps organizations build a comprehensive, real-time view of their networks, events, alerts and incidents, identify patterns of data breach and deal with cyber-threats.

BigConnect can not only speed up an analyst’s ability to carry out the hunt at each step of the loop, but by ramping up data storage, data analysis and analytics deployment, it can also transform the maturity of an organization by several factors:
- Contextual, intuitive graph visualizations of even the most complex networks
- Aggregating and fusing petabytes of disparate data sets
- Real-time search, query, and analysis of entity behaviors
- Advanced question chaining through context graphs
- Fast drill downs into connected data sets
- Automated detection of anomalies and adversary tactics

Data can be ingested and correlated from any equipment, in any format: log files, packet data, SNMP traps, audit logs, routers, firewalls etc. New connectors can easily be developed by any organization that needs to ingest custom data into the system.

Build adversarial behavior detectors that identify threat actor Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) by utilizing a combination of analytical approaches, including Machine Learning, behavioral analysis, peer group analysis, and graph analytics. BigConnect Explorer’s unique data model streamlines the question-based, iterative process of threat hunting through its powerful and interactive graph representation of objects and their relationships.

With BigConnect you can leverage powerful analytics on large data sets. This lets you make sense of even the most complex networks, and enables you to hunt for threats wherever they may hide. BigConnect Explorer unites all the aspects of the hunting framework into a single, unparalleled tool.