An end-to-end visual analytics tool to find, transform and visualize tremendous amounts of data

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Data Preparation

Augment, enhance, heal and create rich data sets to improve insights and sharpen your understanding of the world you work in.

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Data Management

Enable simple, integrated access to data, wherever it is: on-premise, in the cloud, on your desktop. Load it, link it, prepare it and visualize it using the integrated SQL charts, workbench, transformation rules, chats and dashboards.

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Data Visualization

Aggregate content from sources and systems, create personalized views of data, and interact with data in a single, integrated experience.

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Data Collaboration

Create workspaces and workbenches for your specific tasks. Invite others to help and see what you have done.

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Query Studio

Write SQL queries to create your own data sets, visualize them and export the data.

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Data Catalog

Enable easy access to disparate information in a quick, simple way. Create metadata catalogs to standardize data usage and dissemination.

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Performance Monitoring

Explore how the Data Lake responds to your queries, see where the bottlenecks are and tune your work appropriately.

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