Making sense of unstructured data.

The tool dedicated to unstructured data and semantic models (concepts, relations, properties), data ingestion, mapping, enrichment, enterprise search, link analysis, spatial analysis and more.

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All information that flows into the Data Lake is enriched automatically using various AI algorithms like Named Entity Recognition, Categorization, Image Tagging, OCR etc. View and annotate unstructured content to amend or create new information. Tag entities in text, objects and people in images and associate them with existing information.

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Dynamic Data Model

The core foundation of the Data Lake is the dynamic, semantic data model. It represents the way you store, correlate and query all information in a factual way using concepts, relations and properties:

  • Concepts: persons, vehicles, bank transactions, phone calls, equipment, companies, locations, events, network packets, log files etc.
  • Relations: works at, lives in, has friend, has connection, sent from IP, source file
  • Properties: first name, last name, birth date, phone number, email, IP address etc.
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BigConnect Explorer is collaborative and every action is performed in a Space: data model, searches, charts, data analysis, reporting. Data can be private to a space, shared with other users or published to the public repository to make it available to everyone.

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Enterprise Search

Find data in real-time using a simple, intuitive Google-like search experience, enriched with filters, sorting, refinements, spatial queries, saved searches and query builders.

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Unified Item View

Data items like concepts and relations can have a lot of information associated. BigConnect Explorer provides a unified way of viewing and managing items, regardless of their nature: text, images, audio, video, structured data etc.

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Summary Dashboard

The masterpiece of each Space, it’s the place where you can have a global view of what is happening. Add widgets, create on-the-fly aggregations, be notified of alerts and share your work.

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Spatial Analysis

Objects with spatial data can be displayed on an interactive map with support for custom layers, heat-map and annotations. Bring your own spatial layers from GeoServer, ESRI, GeoMedia, Bing, OpenStreetMap etc.

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Link Analysis

Analyze the data in its core connected form, using advanced graph visualizations to create connections, see how objects are related and create new items.


An advanced charting library is available to trends, connections and so much more.

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