Diseases may have multiple symptoms. Doctors may belong to multiple health care networks. There are also relationships between different types of organizations, such as insurance companies and hospitals. In the realm of bioinformatics, multiple connections exist among genes and proteins.

Services from BigConnect Cloud can be used to detect problematic drug interactions from historical or current patient drug prescriptions using ICD-10 databases.

Using historical data, BigConnect can be used to suggest similar cases, treatments or issue warnings regarding specific diagnostics based on the patient history and dug prescriptions.

BigConnect Explorer is particularly useful in capturing large fraud rings, such as those targeting Health Insurance Services, because of the ability to conduct entity-link analysis, community detection and predictive analytics to develop risk scores and other metrics that can predict the likelihood of fraud.
BigConnect Explorer is a powerful analytical platform for detecting fraud, waste, and abuse across all stages of the program integrity life-cycle, from provider/beneficiary enrollment to criminal prosecution. With BigConnect Cloud you can integrate all data into a single environment to support lead generation,triage, investigation, and action, allowing analysts to build out complex networks of fraudulent provider groups and identify emerging fraud schemes with unprecedented speed.