We’ve got you covered with skilled resources, business solutions, technology integrations and sales kits.


Consulting partners provide joint customers with services related to implementation, integration, and training. Consultants may resell BigConnect licenses but services are the primary revenue driver.

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OEM/Platform Partner program includes market leaders that provide the products and technologies upon which BigConnect applications run. These strategic Partners optimize BigConnect solutions to maximize customers' ROI.

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Software Partner program is for software and technology companies who wish to bring to market complementary solutions. This program provides partners with BigConnect software, support, training, and other resources to develop and sell their own integrated solutions.

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Reseller Partner program is designed for our partners who want to resell all or part of the BigConnect product line as a component of their domain-, vertical-, or application-specific solutions and professional services. All BigConnect partners are eligible to add the option to resell BigConnect products.


Distributor Partner program that allows distributors to market, distribute, sublicense, and support some or all BigConnect products. Distributors help BigConnect to expand its global market reach where the potential for growth is significant.

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