Public Safety

BigConnect can monitor the data flow on open sources like media outlets or social platforms and correlate this information with other data you might have (databases, files, etc.), all this in real time. You can target specific information, get a sentiment report on what you find, then analyze this information in the larger context.

You can monitor various live information sources and correlate them with other data sources you might have, getting quick and accurate results. This will keep you informed with all or any changes in the situation, allowing you to respond accordingly. Most importantly, you will be able to see how new events or information affect multiple operations or cases.

Perform investigations or run simulations to see all possible outcomes. Get spatial analysis information about your area of interest and see key elements on a live map. Track your own assets on the field and deploy only the necessary or the closest ones to the target.

The success of a mission or a task is directly linked to the correct analysis of the information you gather. Use behavior analytics tools to sift through all your data and find patterns that do not conform with what you would statistically expect. Use this information to create a heat map, visualize objectives or place objects on it.

You can combine various data sources and create a model for predicting criminal or terrorist behavior that helps you understand trends and relationships between the crime itself and all the circumstances. This allows you to go to the root of the events and possibly stop a crime before it happens instead of being reactive to it.

Use Machine Learning algorithms to prioritize the information you have according to the new one it gathered from live sources, helping you sort out what is important for your case or for the specific situation you are dealing with. This saves countless hours and keeps your actions focused on what’s really important.