Everything revolves around your customer’s possibilities, preferences and habits. Using behavior analytics and sentiment analysis you can gain precious insights by monitoring and correlating their behavior on social sites, their shopping trends, their previous transactions and the likes and dislikes about their experiences. Data from social networks can be correlated with your own database and results can guide your pricing strategy or your inventory.

Knowing how customers feel about your brand can be determined using traditional methods like polling or focus groups, but the costs are very high and the results often biased. You can gain more accurate results using big data analytics and analyzing behavioral trends on social platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. This will help product development, brand communication strategies and marketing programs.

Data analytics can be used to create customized promotions and employ new techniques like localized marketing, push coupons and offers based on customer's location or browsing history. BigConnect can operate behavioral targeting, price optimization and store site analytics to assort your product offer provide a personalized shopping experience.

Data enables retailers to raise their online purchases by recommending products and promotions. This can be done in real-time and can be based on what your client already bought, providing new up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.
Enabling brand recommendations to a specific time, zone or device will improve customer loyalty by providing a better brand experience, increasing revenues at the same time. Use recommendations to benefit from wider groups using a very fine-grained "graph analysis” and identifying how a closely related peer consumer group will react.

Better understand how consumers approach you product or business by analyzing consumer clickstreams. You can then optimize your web page or offer and obtain a greater profit from your online business by increasing conversion, and lower cart abandonment. BigConnect can analyze and gain insights from data obtained across various channels, including search history, ads, email or weblogs.