Big Data infrastructure for demanding services.

  • Big Data Engine
  • Big Graph
  • Cypher Query Server
  • Cypher Lab
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BigConnect Spark Service

Big Data Engine

Big Data Engine
Core Big Data services based on Hadoop, ElasticSearch and NoSQL databases.

​​​Big Graph
​​Proprietary massively scalable big data graph engine with features like enterprise security, enterprise search, dynamic ontologies, Cyper and SQL language support and much more.

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Cypher Server
Query Planning and Profiling

The plan of a Cypher query can be displayed visually to understand how it will impact your system.  Queries can also be profiled, to understand where the bottlenecks are.

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Cypher Lab
Execute Cypher visually

Query results can be viewed as an interactive graph, using tabular data or as plain text items.

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