Public Safety

The perfect tool to organize your information base, efficiently control your assets and get a strategic view of the situation

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The perfect tool to manage your client base, correlate real-time events with client information, predict patterns in social behavior or detect fraud

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Optimize costs, magnify customer experience and create new products or services

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Law enforcement

Knowledge, examination, case handling, machine learning and reporting instruments offices need to react to wrongdoing as it occurs

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Create and convey powerful medications by controlling your patient experience

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With the uptick in high-profile data breaches, organizations with large networks are working hard to guard against advanced intruders who identify and exploit complex vulnerabilities on the most important systems.

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Optimize costs, magnify customer experience and create new products and services

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Drug interactions, diagnostics, similarities

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Sentiment analysis, social analytics, influencer networks, text analytics

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From methodology to activities to strategies, from reach back facilities to the strategic edge of the war zone, BigConnect can transmit specialized assets prompt access to the most recent field data, taking out technical hindrances to allow better, information-driven leadership.

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For legal experts building complex cases, BigConnect empowers the discovery of patterns of conduct and connects key actors that lie covered up in immense pools of structured and unstructured information.

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Designed for large-scale deployments, scalability, data security and enterprise-grade features.

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